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AutoNode - a way to automatically create nodes in the Umbraco back end

A plugin we created that automatically adds predefined child nodes when a node is published.
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VirtualNodes - Ninja nodes that are excluded from Umbraco generated URLs

In this very blog, all posts are grouped under a node called "Posts". That's good, but "/blog/posts/a-blog-post" doesn't look as good as "/blog/a-blog-post". That's right, if only there was a way the "/posts/" part could be omitted.
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NodeRestrict - Stop users from adding more nodes than needed

Imagine this: You've got a setup where a specific node has to have a maximum of, let's say, 4 children. It can be a slider, a pricing section, a set of counters, whatever, but let's suppose it's not designed to work with more than this number of items. What do you do?
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