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How to use ModelsBuilder in a multi-project Umbraco solution

DLL mode, AppData mode, or maybe something hybrid that will allow better source control integration, freedom of choice on deployment and more control? I'm exploring a new setup, see if it suits you too.
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Creating dependent MultiNode TreePickers (MNTPs)

In this article we demonstrate how to create two dependent MultiNode TreePickers (MNTPs) - the second one using the first one's selection as its root node - using some pretty XPath.
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Getting the right starting node for MultiNode TreePicker with XPath

Umbraco's MultiNode TreePicker (MNTP) data type has a couple of tokens (or, more precisely, "context-aware placeholders") that can be used in the XPath query defining the starting node for the picker and represent the current or parent node - but these tokens behave differently when creating a new node than when editing an already published node. In this post we will see why and how we can make MTNP behave consistently regardless of whether the node being edited is new or existing.
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Our new free Starter Kit for Umbraco 7.4+

We are happy to announce our first version of a Starter Kit for Umbraco 7.4 and onwards, based on the Mazel HTML theme. It is actually the same kit we are using on our web site here. This starter kit features a lot of functionality both in the front-end and the back-end and is FREE to use for personal or commercial purposes.
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IntelliSense for document properties in Visual Studio when not using Models Builder

We created a quick-and-dirty solution for when you don't want to (or can't) use the new Umbraco strongly-typed models (Models Builder) but you still need IntelliSense for your property names.
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AutoNode - a way to automatically create nodes in the Umbraco back end

A plugin we created that automatically adds predefined child nodes when a node is published.
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NodeRestrict - Stop users from adding more nodes than needed

Imagine this: You've got a setup where a specific node has to have a maximum of, let's say, 4 children. It can be a slider, a pricing section, a set of counters, whatever, but let's suppose it's not designed to work with more than this number of items. What do you do?
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